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Full Site Audit Level 1

This report provides the tools you to fix your website. It provides a list of what errors, what warnings and what suggestions are needed to make you more google friendly. Website errors are one of the top reasons that sites lose rank position. This report and all DIY reports from E2E are 100% up to date with all the algorithm changes that the top search engines implement. We recommend this report for small business owners who have a "web guy" already , or who needs to start small and make a few changes at a time.


Highlights of this report

  • Discount for Annual Purchase
  • Action Items List
  • Content Issues Audit 
  • Crawl-Ability Audit 
  • Identify Security Issues
  •  Website Pages Errors 
  • Stay Up-To-Date With Search Engine Algorithm Changes
Full Site Audit Level 2

This report includes all the features from FSA1. FSA 2 is a far more advanced report allowing you to design and configure your current internet presence, determine where your traffic comes from, and track your best keywords. This report helps any small business owner find out what is working so they know where to spend marketing dollars, and track the ongoing success of your website. We recommend this for any business owners who is getting acceptable traffic and sales from their website. Also for owners who want to oversee their current marketing team.


Highlights of this report

  • Discount For Annual Purchase
  • Organic traffic search Audit
  • Content Developer
  • Track Your  Social Media 
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Audit
  • Position Rank Report For Select Keywords

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