E2E Avatar Builder and Lead Generation System

  • There are thousands of groups out there and hundreds of offers, services, products and stories but what actually works?
  • You can spend 100’s of hours getting educated or hiring someone who is educated and still miss the goals of creating more revenue
  • You may have hired someone who is a web expert only to find they are not a social media expert OR hired a paid ads expert and dropped five to six figures on trial and error that didn’t work

AND you still have a business to run!

How does it work?

Step One: Build Your Avatar - 

This can be a target you want to go after right now or it can be the first of several targets that work in your business. The client avatar is the glue that binds all the systems together and creates interest in your company. This is target marketing at its finest and without it, your digital efforts are only hopeful in lieu of professional. Every aspect of lead generation, traffic and conversion, maximizing your ROI and hitting your sales goals are tied to the effort and the quality of creating your avatar.

Step two: Assess, Integrate and Optimize - 

What does your current digital footprint do right? What does your current digital footprint need to do better? Is your website being found for the things you want to be known for? What are your competitors doing better than you? Are your current integrations designed to convert and track? Are you Google friendly? Do you target local or national business or both?

     The E2E Lead Generation System incorporates as many as eleven different systems in our HALO traffic and conversion system.  The HALO represent the ring around your digital marketing sales funnel.  How many entry points do you have now?  How well is your conversion message integrated?  Are you using the right tools the right way?  Using the Avatar and blending it with high traffic sources and several other tools, we are able to drive converting traffic into your business 

Step Three: Become ROI positive - 

The final milestone of the launch is to be ROI positive in approximately 60 to 90 days.  This is a moving target based on industry, profit margins, quality of your compelling offer, your ability to react to new leads, and the ever-evolving digital landscape such as google algorithm changes.

Step Four: Grow! -

Expand to additional funnels and Avatars, Expand to E2E Max and create an integrated business solution that allows you to control growth, maximize exposure and go after additional markets.

Quality SEO generates traffic.  BUT your content, your offer, properly targeted leads and your clarity of purpose generates your income

Do you want more traffic?

What if I told you that MORE traffic doesn't always mean more business?

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